the conscious empath sessions

>> re-patterning energetic boundaries <<

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This is a transformational series of sessions that will teach you how to become a Conscious Empath. I will be your guide as you navigate the terrain of self-discovery, shining light in the darkness with deep compassion so that you are empowered by your journey. 

Boundary work is a process of self-discovery that brings you a deeper connection to your own inner guidance. When your energetic boundaries are strong, you are filled with your own life energy, bringing more of yourself to each moment. When you have healthy energetic boundaries, you are not defined by and filled in with the energy that surrounds you.

Creating clear boundaries requires honest exploration of the current state of your energetic frequencies. During our time together you will find out where your boundaries are too small and/or too big, where there are holes in your boundaries, where you are leaking your own life energy, and discover the places that are filled with energy that is not yours.

You will learn how to create simple & effective energetic hygiene practices that will make you feel empowered, clear and sovereign. You will be crafting your own personal practice  that will help you to keep your energetic boundaries strong and your energetic field clear. This work will change the way you show up in every relationship in your life... most importantly in your relationship with yourself.

Over the course of four sessions you will:

  • Begin to know yourself as sacred space
  • Cultivate more compassion for yourself
  • Explore healthy empathy & soulful self-care
  • Become familiar with your personal energy field
  • Acknowledge and honor your wisdom, growth and changes
  • Learn how strong emotions (anger, fear and guilt) impact & inform your boundaries
  • Meet your personal protector, your teacher and guide to mastering healthy boundaries
  • Identify and release behaviors & beliefs that interfere with your ability to create & maintain healthy boundaries
  • Craft a practical & powerful energetic self-care plan to move forward with intention and integrity

Four 60-minute sessions ∞ Investment $500

Please honor your yes; sessions are non-refundable. 

letter from a conscious empath

Dear Kristina,

The work we have accomplished together has resonated so tangibly in my daily living that it's easy to describe. The opportunity to share about my experience as your student makes my heart full. 

I prefer alternative therapeutic models for their internal locus of control; I need a teacher and partner to guide me in activating my innate power - not an external "expert" to lay out a prescribed course of action. I don't want to go, sit and talk to someone for hours and years of my life! When I am ready to ask for help, I want to DO something.

When we met, I'd been working on self-actualization for years... digging and shedding and seeing through new eyes. I was a different person but ultimately living the same old life. After all that searching I'd expected answers, only to be buried in questions. I was exhausted. How do I love BIG, but remain protected from those who don't know Love? How do I manifest a higher self when, every time I clear space to do so, someone seeps and morphs into every available corner? How do I find Boundaries without turning my back on Oneness? These were the questions I brought to you.

You very literally provided a key to my locked toolbox. In 4 sessions over 4 weeks "Boundaries" went from being a vague concept of strict discipline, determination and forethought (none of which fit my personality or values) to a clear, dynamic practice of Energetic Hygiene that could fluctuate according to my needs. This unlocking gave me a limitless, renewable, and self-owned source of energy!

There are several reasons I refer people to your practice: You're a strong, comforting and direct ally in the face of life's hardship; you're a generous listener who gives insightful, knowledgable and actionable feedback; and, you provide valuable materials and resources to be used outside of your office to engage and empower your clients. Finally, the fact that you are available remotely gives flexibility and longevity to the relationship.

 At our first meeting, I explained that we'd actually spoken by phone two years prior. I told you that, despite the elapsed time where we hadn't formally worked together, our conversation had been so powerful and relevant that you were immediately moved into the position of spiritual anchor and advisor on my "panel". Your work is big and healing, and I'm grateful to share a world with you in it. Thank you.

Love, Tara