Shakti Rising

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Shakti Rising is a Cosmic Mystery School where women can deepen their connection to the Divine Feminine as represented by certain planetary bodies/luminaries in the cosmos & natal chart: the Moon, Venus, Ceres, Vesta, Juno, Pallas Athena, Black Moon Lilith & Eris.

As a Feminist Astrologer, I see these bodies/luminaries as faces of the Goddess in the collective; in the individual chart they are the seeds of Shakti revealing the astrological coding of your personal Wombstory. Some of these Goddesses will be very active in your chart while others may be silent. Each voice is one facet of the multi-faceted Divine Feminine. They are having conversations with each other as well as the more traditionally masculine planetary bodies both in the collective and in your own natal chart. 

All of these Goddesses have multi-layered myths and stories. The top layer is made up of stories spun from the lens of the patriarchal paradigm, stories that you may be unconsciously enacting in your life. Yet beneath this top layer we find the bedrock of the Mother, the older myths which reveal the Goddess empowered and whole. She has been driven underground for centuries. And She is rising, ready to be remembered.

Because women's bodies cycle, we are already primed to embody planetary cycles. Living in tune with lunar & seasonal cycles is foundational work that we can build upon by bringing our awareness to other cosmic cycles. Connecting with the planets and cosmic energies as reflected in your chart offers you a rich lens with which to discern your own energetic patterns. This knowledge helps you to make more conscious choices in your life, healing your past and living into your soul's purpose.


Shakti Rising is a monthly subscription with two subscription options to choose from.  

Option one

You will receive weekly audios files with teachings and inquiry around the Divine Feminine/Goddess in Astrology, Feminine Embodiment and Cyclical Living.

Option two

You will receive the same weekly audio files mentioned above plus you will have access to one 90 minute class. This will happen live via Zoom, allowing us to gather in community and share our learnings around the material we are covering. I will be able to answer any questions and look at participants charts as examples of the work we are doing as a collective. This class will be recorded for those who can't attend live. 


Curious about my teaching style? Here are two sample audios from the class Venus in the Underworld.