astro-tarot reading

astro-tarot reading


Astro-Tarot readings offer you personalized guidance for the upcoming lunar cycle based on the placement of the New Moon in your natal chart combined with a tarot reading. 

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Every lunar cycle begins with a conjunction of the Moon and Sun in a particular degree of the zodiac. Because of this merging, the Moon becomes infused with the energy of whichever sign the Sun is visiting. This brings a different energetic signature to the lunar cycle, depending on what sign the lunar/solar conjunction is happening in. The Moon has a message for you that is based on the place in your chart where the Moon and Sun are aligned on the New Moon. 

After you place your order, you will be asked to submit your birth data and answer a few questions. Once your form is sent, our connection is made and the alchemy begins. You will receive an mp3 recording of the reading plus a photograph of your tarot/oracle cards within 24 hours of the next New Moon.