last quarter moon in pisces

June 17th, 2017 // 4:32 am PDT


Moon Movements

Last quarter Moon in Pisces: Saturday, June 17th @4:32 am PDT.  

Moon V/C until 10:55 am PDT.

Moon into Aries: Saturday, June 17th @ 10:55 am PDT.

Moon V/C Monday, June 19th from 12:42 pm - 2:53 pm PDT

Moon into Taurus: Monday, June 19th @2:53 pm PDT

Summer Solstice / Sun ingress into Cancer Tuesday, June 20th @ 9:24 pm

Moon V/C Tuesday, June 20th @ 9:25 pm - Wednesday, June 21st @ 3:44 pm

Moon into Gemini: Wednesday, June 21st @ 3:44 pm PDT

Moon V/C Friday, June 23rd @ 11:45 am - 7:31 pm PDT. Also the Black Moon, last 24 hours before New Moon.

Moon at Perigee Friday, June 23rd @ 3:50 am PDT

New Moon in Cancer - Friday, June 23rd @ 7:31 pm

Retrograde dates

Neptune retrograde dates

June 16th, 2017 - November 22nd, 2017. Moves from 14 degrees Pisces to 11 degrees Pisces during this retrograde.

Mercury retrograde dates

April 9th - May 3rd in Taurus. Inferior/Interior conjunction with the Sun. "New Moon" phase of Mercury.

Mercury conjunct Sun June 21st, 2017 @ 7:14 am PDT. Superior conjunction - "Full Moon" phase of Mercury.

August 12th - September 5th in Virgo. Inferior/Interior conjunction with the Sun.  "New Moon" phase of Mercury.

Note: Please do your time zone adjustments to get accurate times of events.

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