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"Kristina is an emissary for the stars! She speaks their language fluently and her heart feels into the cosmic dance. Surprising insights can’t help but bubble forth, delighting us both. A session with Kristina is a treat we all deserve." Lisa Reinhardt

"Talking with Kristina not only gave me a fresh new take on the astrological chart I was born with, but also illuminated important patterns + trends occurring within the last year and moving forward into the next six years. Kristina presents it like a framework of how to appreciate oneself + life more deeply, cherishing both the opportunities + challenges that arise. As an astrologer, her style is gentle, yet articulate, and she has a way of asking questions + allowing you to discover the insight vs. telling you how it is, which is lovely." Katie Hess

"Thank you for bringing your voice to our inboxes and for helping demystify astrology a bit to bring it into the range of the household. This language of the sun, moon, stars and planetary forces are wanting to be seen and integrated, humanity is expanding and ready to access through many different portals." Pixie Lighthorse

"I am crazy about the moon. Kristina with accessible language and her gift as a teacher gave me insight into an understanding of la Luna. She brought the goddess archetype to my personal astrology, bringing awareness to areas in my life that needed attention. I highly recommend a session with Kristina if you are looking to bring the moon in as a tool for understanding yourself better. Kristina is a soulful, kind and intuitive teacher." Carrie-Anne Moss

“Kristina is a woman of the moon + stars. She’s an astro guide and offers the most incredible insight through reading the feminine within you + how she moves through you + your chart, it’s womb wisdom of the cosmic kind." Lisa Lister

"Wow! My sessions with Kristina have been such an extraordinary, healing gift!  Her wealth of astrological knowledge combined with her magical intuition and deep compassion allows her to articulate her incredible insights in such a beautiful, empathetic way that makes me feel so enlightened and nurtured after our sessions. She lovingly asked just the right questions to allow me to “unfold” - connecting certain events in my life that I never thought about connecting before – shining a healing light on deep wounds that were buried and forgotten for over two decades. Her wonderful guidance through both Astrological Counseling and Astro-Tarot Readings has really helped me to become more comfortable with my truth, allowing me to shine brighter than I ever thought possible. With SO much love, Melissa Cook, Pharm.D."

"Kristina embodies the moon. Her authentic, genuine, and deep love for astrology exudes from her in her readings. I felt like I was sitting with my grandmother having a cup of tea and listening to her wise woman wisdom as we ebbed and flowed through my session. She broke down the insights of my reading so I could take it in, digest the information, and integrate it into my life. I felt lighter, more connected, and I had much more clarity after. Kristina is a true cosmic woman and I will be continually working with her as a wise woman guide on my journey." Carly Rae 

astro-tarot readings

"My astro tarot readings have been nothing short of deeply illuminating, pardon the punny tone. Kristina has a gorgeously practicality with a deeply intuitive take on the cards layered expertly with an understanding you don't typically see from the astrology. Her voice is so utterly soothing, it's supportive and nurturing to simply listen to her do her magic, but the content is just as magical and again, practical and actionable. Kristina's readings are a treasure in the world for those of us seeking positive evolution and understanding of the self. I've had a lot of readings over the years and Kristina's are by far the most clear, useful and nurturing." Tandy Gutierrez

"Kristina's Astro-Tarot reading was amazing. She had such impeccable insight through this combination of chart reading and cards. Her reading was right on in terms of my struggles and it validated lots of feelings I'd had but somehow still resisted. It put so many things in perspective. She also made a couple of observations in my chart that I've continued pondering every day since the reading. The best part is that the cards provide a direction for action which is unusual in a simple chart reading. If you're thinking about it just do it! It's really worth it!"  Jill Doneen

"Kristina's astro-tarot readings have me laughing, swooning, unearthing, crying, and connecting those last unseen pieces into place so I can see clearly. To me, these readings bring the above and below into unity to birth a tremendous support for my soul craft each lunar cycle. I love listening to the reading all cycle long to connect and do the work that is happening within me. I find her spot on with her insights and I love how she weaves the wisdom from these two perspectives. Kristina's take on astrology can have a practical application which is super helpful to me. Her sense of humor keep a potentially serious space light and fun...which makes it so easy to revisit often. These readings lay out a check point for my life and I am finding them SO helpful to navigate my path. As a "healer" in my own very-earthy way, I need support too, and I find Kristina's astro-tarot readings a perspective that nourishes, challenges, and fills in the blanks of my own medicine." Nissa Howard

“I found your reading very insightful and helpful. It validated my experience. Additionally, you pointed out some things that I sensed but was not able to express. I appreciated your genuine approach. I loved listening to your process of making sense of the cards and planets - that was a real treat! ” Sylvia Barnowski

soul counsel sessions

"Kristina’s constant quest for truth has been contagious. My gratitude for her gentle pushes to always look deeper, to trust what I know, and to flow with this universe and her cycles, is immense. I have been graced with her wisdom and guidance and feel a great opening in my heart knowing that other women will receive the gift of working with her." - Jaime Shapiro, LM, CPM

"Kristina helps me probe below the surface to uncover the deeper issues. No matter how confused or baffled I may be, she always provides me with clarity, a sense of direction, and the appropriate tools to help me see the insights, decipher the messages, and actively engage with my own healing process." - Lisa Hofmann, Joy Warrior

“I worked with Kristina to overcome some pretty big emotional obstacles that I was bumping into in my relationships. Her suggestions and guidance are apt and heartfelt, and I was able to move through some things that had been stuck for a long time. She taught me skills that I am able to apply to all areas of my life and heart, for ongoing healing and growth. Kristina is a great ally and teacher.” - Diana Stapleton, BFA, MFA, MA. 

“Kristina is an intuitive guide who brings both her own life experience and years of study to her practice. She is encouraging and humble, funny and personable. The questions she asks help me to see my habitual patterns clearly and her suggestions are always spot on and incredibly helpful. She knows how to listen not just to a person’s words but to what is beneath the surface.” - Aurora Brackett, Ph.D.

“Kristina is a truly gifted healer. She is smart, patient, creative, intuitive, and loving. In addition, she speaks her thoughts honestly and is never pushy. I leave each session feeling amazingly freer and lighter — even after we delve into some really difficult areas. And the healing doesn’t go away after the session but instead keeps building. I think she has truly found her calling. I have zero hesitations at recommending that anyone work with her! ” -  Karen Juster Hecht, Counselor at Law

"I found working with Kristina to be very powerful. She was able to assess what issues were important to me and then brought these into our work in deep and profound ways. I am still using the tools Kristina taught me to deepen the work I started in our sessions." - Sandra Schueling, MFT

conscious empath sessions

"The work we have accomplished together has resonated so tangibly in my daily living that it's easy to describe. The opportunity to share about my experience as your student makes my heart full.

I prefer alternative therapeutic models for their internal locus of control; I need a teacher and partner to guide me in activating my innate power - not an external "expert" to lay out a prescribed course of action. I don't want to go, sit and talk to someone for hours and years of my life! When I am ready to ask for help, I want to DO something. 

When we met, I'd been working on self-actualization for years... digging and shedding and seeing through new eyes. I was a different person but ultimately living the same old life. After all that searching I'd expected answers, only to be buried in questions. I was exhausted. How do I love BIG, but remain protected from those who don't know Love? How do I manifest a higher self when, every time I clear space to do so, someone seeps and morphs into every available corner? How do I find Boundaries without turning my back on Oneness? These were the questions I brought to you.

You very literally provided a key to my locked toolbox. In 4 sessions over 4 weeks "Boundaries" went from being a vague concept of strict discipline, determination and forethought (none of which fit my personality or values) to a clear, dynamic practice of Energetic Hygiene that could fluctuate according to my needs. This unlocking gave me a limitless, renewable, and self-owned source of energy!

There are several reasons I refer people to your practice: You're a strong, comforting and direct ally in the face of life's hardship; you're a generous listener who gives insightful, knowledgable and actionable feedback; and, you provide valuable materials and resources to be used outside of your office to engage and empower your clients. Finally, the fact that you are available remotely gives flexibility and longevity to the relationship. 

At our first meeting, I explained that we'd actually spoken by phone two years prior. I told you that, despite the elapsed time where we hadn't formally worked together, our conversation had been so powerful and relevant that you were immediately moved into the position of spiritual anchor and advisor on my "panel". Your work is big and healing, and I'm grateful to share a world with you in it. Thank you. Love! Tara"

"What I think people need to know about this work is that is it meets you at the place where you are ready and able to heal. It never felt forced or scary, but empowering and liberating. AND it is ridiculously doable ... just requires a conscious commitment, a willingness to show up and the understanding that we each are responsible for our own healing and well-being. I totally believe that healing for our planet must begin with self care! I've come to understand that I am the source of my own well being and as such I can fill my own well, I don't need to take anything - energy or resources - from another.  It seems to me we live in a mindset of depletion that has created a corollary compulsion of taking, gathering, consuming. What you have helped me glimpse is the piece around energetic hygiene!  That the patterns around lack go way back and my work is to systematically retrieve, witness, and then release them. A spinning wheel, but with mindfulness and purpose it because a vortex for transformation." Tara