unfolding the self
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{re}connecting with inner wisdom

I am a fiercely compassionate, truth-telling ally who is not afraid of the dark, who will remind you of your light. I work with women who are on the path of awakening & embodiment. I can help you understand, integrate and become comfortable with your ebbs and flows, personal cycles and inner rhythms. My body of work is anchored in the natural rhythms of lunar and seasonal living, the Divine Feminine, the blood mysteries (women's cycle's of empowerment) and cosmic time. Current offerings: Lunar Astrology Reports & New Moon Astro-Tarot Readings.

Kristina is a woman of the moon + stars. She’s an astro guide and offers the most incredible insight through reading the feminine within you + how she moves through you + your chart, it’s womb wisdom of the cosmic kind
— Lisa Lister, thesassyshe.com