embody your moon 

aligning with your unique lunar rhythms

I help women cultivate their own connection with La Luna. Her rhythms are encoded in all of our bodies and into the body of our beautiful planet. When you begin to track your life with the lunar cycle you start to understand your own unique patterns and orbits. You will feel empowered by your cycles, not controlled by them. This allows you to deepen your trust with whatever is unfolding in your life.

This reading is a full-spectrum lunar exploration of the Moon in the sky and the Moon in your astrology chart. You will learn lunar cycle basics, your natal Moon sign, natal Moon phase, the relationship of your natal Moon with your natal Sun, the Moon's connection with other planetary bodies in your chart and your progressed Moon sign & phase. You will also discover the power of tracking the Moon in your own natal chart each lunar cycle. If you love the Moon and want to go deeper with her teachings you will love this reading!

50 minute session ∞ Investment $111

we meet via Zoom or phone, session is recorded when technology cooperates

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